Saturday, March 5, 2011

Traveling with cloth!

This weekend we are house sitting for my mom and have brought our cloth with us. I'm very against using disposables now and refuse to switch just for a weekend. Thankfully for me, I have a very wonderful mother who doesn't mind that I use her washer and is in no way freaked out about me washing the diapers in her washer. I think it might help that she actual had to take over cloth diaper duty for a week for me once. So she knows the in and outs of how cleaning a cloth diaper works.

Anywho, We have traveled with our cloth today using a suite case. We dont have a dry/wet bag so a suite case is the best that we could do and it works great, actually!
 That is how we started out packing them. They all went into the actual suite case and as you can see left no room for any clothes!
 So out with another suite case? Nope, not on my very smart and inovative 3 year olds watch! He is a very smart little cookie and suggested that daddy put the diapers in the mesh part of the suite case!

All 28 of the clean diapers fit! Now I would love to have a dry bag to put all my clean diapers in to travel with but if you dont have one you make due with what you have, right? So we did! I am also pleased to say that even after being set up right in the back of the van and  driving down roads, turning sharp corners and what not, every single diaper stayed right where it was! Good job suite case on keeping things is place!!

For those of you wondering what I'm doing with all the dirty diapers since I dont have a wet bag..... I have brought my pail and pail liner with me!

Yes I am that strongly dedicated to my cloth diapers!!

So here is my question for you guys, what is your favorite wet/dry bag? Which one would you most recommend for travel to any one? Not even just for travel but for the house as well? I would love to get some and try them out!


  1. Does your diaper pail have a cover!?
    I love my hanging Planet Wise Wetbag. It zips shut and contains all the smells!

  2. No, sadly it doesn't! I've had some interesting things go in the wash with diapers, but pretty much just other clothes. The boys are pretty good about just leaving it alone. Which is very surprising! I've actually been lucky so far with the smell. Some times it gets smelly but I just throw the diapers and the liner in the wash and smelly problem solved. I've wanted to try out a hanging wet bag so bad!! Plant wise seems to be a very popular one.