Monday, March 7, 2011

Line drying diapers ROCKS!

I've been CD'ing for almost a year now and I've always put my diapers in the dryer, until this weekend. My mom uses dryer sheets and I know that those can cause the diapers to repell and I was worried that it might ruin them. Didn't want that so I had my hubby "ghetto" rig a clothes line up for me!

It was raining on Sunday so....TADA....clothesline in the garage! Even without the beautiful outside background they still  look so pretty dont they! LOL!

Every time I walked in to the garage I got the smell of freshly laundered diapers! It was glorious! Plus there was no velcro snake! You know what I am talking about. You pull your diapers out the dryer and 5 of them are all stuck together and some are harder to pull of than others cause they have a different hook and loop closure. It can be disastrous to the diapers and the velcro!

 My indoor clothesline full of fluff gave me the ultimate feeling of crunchiness which got me thinking, why not have a clothesline at my house! I see a project for the hubby coming on!

Just think, if we put a clothesline I can save more money, at least on days when it's not raining, and get a little greener in doing so! It'll help keep stains down too, since sun bleachs them out! My PUL wont melt off my diapers either! Thankfully I've not had that happen, but I've read of it happening and would like to avoid that as much as possible! Plus no nasty velcro snake ruining diapers before their time!

I don't know what it is about being a "Prairie" wife but it really does make you feel pretty dang good!


  1. Is it sad that looking at your pics I can name almost every different diaper brand? Loving the clothesline though!!

  2. haha, no cause i got almost every single one of my diapers from you!! I think it would be sad if you didn't know.

  3. You're doing an awesome job with your blog! :)

  4. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog today, and enjoyed reading your posts about cloth diapering! I recently started cloth diapering my 5 month old, I still am doing it "part time" I guess you can say, I am trying to get my hubby to use them when he is home with her while I am at work! I am working on him :) Anyway, just wanted to let you know my blog, if you ever want to pay me a visit :) Not all posts are about CDing, but I have b,logged about it. Looking forward to reading more from you!