Friday, March 4, 2011

How this crazy cloth addiction began!

Every body always wonders what makes a person switch to cloth. Where you cloth diapered a child? What would make you wanna clean dirty diapers? Well for us at first it was the money saving aspect. We had 3 in diapers in a one income based family! Talk about needing to save money! I had heard friends talking about cloth diaper " oh they are great, you save a bunch of money" "no nasty rashes and blow outs don't happen!"

Honestly at first I thought they were all nuts and I told them so! My first reaction to cloth was "That is just gross!" What I pictured cloth diapers as was the old prefold with the pins no leak proof anything, having to hand wash poop off of everything...gross! However cloth has come so far in the past several years! I clearly wasn't very educated about it. I realize this now then I really didn't care.

So I started seeing pictures of all these adorable cute fluffy diapers! Which got me thinking, maybe this isn't that bad, maybe I should at least just try it out and see if I like it. After it would save us tons of money, since we were having to buy diapers every 2 weeks for 3 kids! I started asking questions and getting answers, I have an amazing set of friends who cloth diaper and were more than willing to fill me in on things like washing them and how easy they actually are to use.

After talking to the hubby and debating with my self a bit I decided to jump into the deep and see if I could swim. What I found was I could swim and I dang sure like swimming! Cloth was so easy to me!!! The laundry wasn't bad, which was a major plus! I have 6 people I have to wash clothes for so I was kinda freaking out about adding diaper but it was honestly not bad! Plus my son, who had horrible rashes in disposables stopped getting rashes! I honestly never worried about the diapers leaving my washer gross cause lets face it kids get dirty and boys get really dirty and if my washer is still clean after their messy clothes it's gonna stay clean with diapers too! He would get them so bad in disposables his poor little butt cheeks would bleed. As soon as he got into cloth NO MORE RASHES!! Just like that! I was amazed! Even better than no rashes, yep there's better, all 3 of my kids in diapers could wear the same one! Just adjust the rise setting and BOOM the 12lbs baby can fit into the diaper the 25lbs toddler was wearing 2 days before!!

The one thing I was not banking on ADDICTIVE they are!!!
Unless you use cloth, right now you're thinking I'm totally wacked! Addictive?! How the heck can a diaper you put on a babies butt, that gets peed and pooped in be addictive?! Let me tell you how ;) First you start with you're small stash of diapers, I had 12 to begin. Then you want to get more so you don't have to wash so much, so you start searching. When you start you find that there is a HUGE world of cloth out there and OMG some the dang cutest diapers you will ever see! And ladies and gentlemen that's when it happens. The moment the words "omg that's so cute, I want that" you have been snagged and drug into the addiction of cloth diapers! Now you want every cute diaper you see and you will do just about anything to get it! You don't stop looking either, you will look everyday at first at every site you can find that ha cloth! When you find a new site you get all excited and will comb over and drool about all the cute fluff! When your fluffy mail comes it's like christmas! You can't wait to rip into the package, some times you don't make it down your driveway or you book it running inside so you can open it!

Like I said when I started out I started with 12 and now close to 40! Yes, I want more and I plan on getting more :) And this is how I became the crazy cloth lover I am today..

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