Sunday, March 6, 2011


All you cloth loving mommies know you have one and one of your favorite things to do is........ SHOW IT OFF!!  I know I love love love to show mine off! I will get almost all of my, ummm my daughters, diapers washed, dried and stuff then I'll stack them all pretty and take pictures! Lets not forget the modeling pictures that I must have of my daughter in all over her new diapers! Yup I'm crazy about cloth, don't deny it, you've caught fluffy fever too ;-D

So what's in your stash?? I have Bumgenius, Happy Heinys, Ebber Deeber, Rumpsacks, kissa fitteds, Pouponds, Thirsties Duo Wrap , and a   blissful booty AIO !
There is about 32 diapers total to my stash so far. I have the need for more. Maybe "need" isn't actual the right word to use since the ones I do have work great and serve the purpose I need them too and I don't have to wash them every day.  As I have stated before cloth diapers are ADDICTIVE!! 

The above are my recent Ebber Deeber buys! I love these diapers! They are so cute! The inside are pink minky, which as you know is super soft!

My newest purchase of beautiful Rumpsacks! These are medium in size and baby O is still snapped in on the smallest setting. She's 11 months old too! They fit great and are super cute! They are saved the day from mass blow outs as well!
This beautiful present, I won on a giveaway. This as you can see is a blissfulbooty AIO! Which I am so in love with!! The inside is uber soft and it has elastic at the front and gusses in the legs for extra leak protection and the coolest drys just as fast as my pockets!  
I could definitely keep going but these here are some of my most favorite out of my stash. So please do share, what's your favorite diaper(s) out of your stash?

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