Friday, March 25, 2011

Attack of the .....SPIDERS!!!

I'm sure you are all wondering what in the hay this has to with cloth...well it does trust me.

I have a terrible fear of spiders, not much freaks me out or scares me but spiders are a totally different story! They can be tiny too and I'll still FREAK OUT! Well I left my diapers out on the line last night cause they weren't quite dry yet, no big deal, right? Wrong!

I went out there and there was a spider chilling on my diapers! My official spider killer (aka my husband) wasn't home so I had no choice but to swat the thing off. So I flicked it and thankfully it didn't do any of that hanging by a web deal and come back at me cause I would have been running screaming like a banshee!

Now bugs seem to be a thing that just kind of happens when you line dry, I had a few "hitchhikers" hanging out on a couple of the diapers. No big deal to at all, but that spider...omg...can't take it, Ya'll!! Wait it gets "better".

So I've taken all my diapers down and brought them inside and go to stuff them. There's no bugs cause I got them all off except the one lone sneaky spider!!!!! O.M.G. I put I spider in the basket with my diapers and carried a spider in to my house!!! The dang thing was a jumper too!! So this is what happened...I picked the diaper up flipped it around and got ready to stuff it, I had my hand in the pocket and that little 8 legged freak came scurrying out and across the diaper! Holy Moley!!! My heart, I swear, it skipped a beat the started racing and I froze! Freaking out! What if that thing gets on my hand or gets on my face?!?! So I go to toss the diaper and smash the spider and it JUMPS!!!! The dang thing jumps and I can't find it!! Nothing freaks me out more than knowing the spider is there some where and I can't find it!! So I'm grabbing everything tossing it aside trying to find the spider but not get it on me and the thing comes running out from under the couch..thankfully I had on shoes so I could stomp on it, if not there's no way I would have touched it!

So this leaves me with a dilemma, do I suck it up and deal with spiders or stop line drying? How in the world can the one thing that terrifies me show up in my diaper, which I love love love! I really don't want to deal with spiders but dang it I want to line dry the diapers...what do I do now?


  1. hope you aren't offended but I'm laughing! I would of totally freaked out too! :) Still line dry, don't let the bugger stop you.

    When I line dry I only leave them out for a few hours, but I live in AZ and they are dry by then.

  2. No offense taken, people laugh at me and my fear of spiders all the time :). I'm most likely going to suck it up and deal with the random spiders but I'm going to be keeping a very close eye out for them suckers! Lol