Monday, March 14, 2011

Husbands and Fluff

When I first brought up that I was actually considering switch to cloth my husband said " that's fine if you want to but I'm not dealing with that, it's gross" I'm sure I am not the only one who's heard that! It seems to be what happens to almost every one who switches. First we have to convince our significant others that switching to cloth is going to be better all around. Then after that we start convincing them that the very adorable minkee diaper with polka dots is an absolute must!

I've noticed that with every one I've talked into...cause they all switch at some point lol...using cloth I hear the same thing "I can't buy those my husband would never let me". The dreaded "husband card" gets played every time with out a doubt! Every time though, the Fluff prevails and husband card is discarded.

But how do we get the hubbies to love fluff just as much as all us fluff addict mommies? For me it fell into place slowly after the switch! At first he was grossed out by poopy diapers, but poo's always grossed him out! However, he started noticing changes in the rashes our 2 year old use to get. Our 2 year old has extremely sensitive skin and he would get horrible rashes in disposables. They would get so bad he would bleed! As soon as we put him in cloth his rashes went away completely! I believe that's what won my husband completely over to cloth.

Now my husband is cloth crazy, maybe not as much as I am but he's still a fluffy lover! He spreads the love all the time now. He's talked to co-works who have just had babies and even to his single childless friends about cloth! We saw a pampers commercial one night that said something a long the lines of needing a good diaper and out of his mouths comes "what you need is a cloth diaper" I've never been so proud, lol.

My suggestion to anyone who's still trying to convert the hubby is to find a diaper system that is easy for him. Something that he's going to fall in love with. My husbands recent new fluffy love is the Blissful Booty AIO and even agreed that we need more of them :) Also make sure that he knows all the facts, I'm constantly finding new info and sharing it with my husband. A great place to find diaper facts is the real diaper association. They have loads on info that's important to know.

The one thing that I can't promise will happen is him taking care of the poo on a diaper. Even with my husband loving cloth he won't spray poo off. So if anyone figures out how to make that happen PLEASE let me know :)

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