Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mama Cloth.....I am totally converted!

Recently I made my very first purchase of mama cloth and I must say that I was very nervous at first. I was taking something that I had been use to for 15+ years and changing it. I was apprehensive, would it leak? would it stand up to my heaviest flow days? Would I have to get up 2 or 3 times at night just to change my pad? Would my sheets and matters be blood splattered in the morning? These are all question that we have asked our selves when we think about switching to mama cloth. I found my answer and couldn't be happier!!

I made my purchase from Cotton Cheeks and got the best costumer services. Maria was very helpful with every thing! She explained the workings of the pads for me and even gave me very detailed instructions on how to clean them. I was so pleasantly surprised that I would have gone back for another purchase just because of the customer services.

Then my beautiful (yes I did just call a menstrual pad beautiful!) mama cloth arrived! They are topped with minky which makes them so soft......don't tell any one but I actually rubbed one on my face! It was brand new at the time so don't get all grossed out on me =)  Shortly after receiving them I got the chance to try them normally I get all "GREAT *insert eye roll here* my stupid period is here" like I am sure we all have at times. However this time was different! I was actually excited (yes I know.... "cant be" right? Well it's true!)  I rushed and grabbed my oh so beautiful minky top pads and snapped one on and WOW it felt like heaven! I could barely feel the pad there! It was so incredibly soft! Ya'll know how the disposable pads feel, all paper like and scratchy....BLAH!  Well not Cotton cheeks mama cloth! I could hardly believe that something I was going to use for my period could actually be that enjoyable..... I know another word we don't associate with our periods but again IT'S TRUE!!

My first day was a breeze! So much easier than I thought it would be! The major plus side is there were no leaks!! cotton cheeks gives you the option of adding PUL backing to your mama cloth but I choose not too and even with out the PUL I could go for 2 to 3 hours with out leaks!

My first night came and I slept like a baby, as much as a mother of 4 can sleep like a baby. Woke in the morning and guess what...... NO LEAKS!!!  Woot woot!!!! Before mama cloth I would wake up at night and have a very soaked pad and have to change it. Just nasty nasty!

Now I know you all have heard that when you use mama cloth you cramp less and I am pretty sure that most of you are thinking that is a load of crock cause I sure did but ...... my cramps were far less than they have ever been while using disposable pads!! I had very slight cramping and then nothing! It was amazing!! My period after my last baby was all crazy it would come and go and come back and stay around for a week. Not fun!! Well I put my mama cloth on and expected to have the same thing happen and it didn't! My period lasted for 3 days and was gone! It never showed it's self again!

Disposable pads have this gawd awful way off folding over and getting stuck to it's self or your leg or your hair and you have to rip it off. You know it hurts to have to rip that stuff off your leg! Not to mention that they can make you so ITCHY!!! I dont know about ya'll but I would get really itchy and almost sore, kinda like having a bad reaction to the pads ( which now that I think about it probably was......)With mama cloth you do not have those problems! You dont get uber itchy or have you pad stick to your butt crack ( you know it happens lol )

Cotton Cheeks has snapped wings to hold the pad in place, as do most other places. The bottom part that lays on the underwear is a beautiful pattern giving you mama cloth a "personality". You seriously cant go wrong with mama cloth.

Now every one told me not to put all my "eggs in one basket" but I am so pleased with Cotton Cheeks that I will be staying with her and buying more from her. Why mess with a good thing right! I totally recommend that you guys go check her out! If she doesn't have what you are looking for email her and she is more than willing to work with you to get you what patterns and colors you. You will not be displeased with her product or her customer services! Cotton Cheeks  is a business that truly is the whole package!

If you would like to check her out you can see her on facebook and also her hyena cart


  1. I tried them too and like them a lot! So soft!!!!
    Now I'd like a post on how you wash them please!!!!

  2. I have been messing around with making my own cloth pads for a few months. Im the crafty type. I love cloth. Im very excited to see some one else using and enjoying. I made thin ones for bladder protection. maybe some day I will buy some, Im on a super crazy frugal kick, and I do not buy things I can make at home.. Thanks for the great blog. I wash all my laundry in a Wonder Wash non electric crank machine from The laundry alternative .com. I just throw mine in with my baby diapers. Looking forward to the next blog!

  3. I want to try these. Maybe then I'll stop getting a rash when I'm on my period. :/ Are hers the cheapest? I'm not stingy- I just have a very low income. If you can help with information email me please-leahronnie0810(at)yahoo(dot)com