Monday, April 18, 2011

Emergency Diapering!

You know it happens from time to run out of your cloth diapers either because you are soaking them or you are at a friends or families house for the day. When that happens you are faced with the choice of buy those nasty disposables or figure something else out!

About 2 weeks ago I was faced with this problem. I had bought some laundry soap, eco sprout, and was doing the soak on my diapers so that we didn't end up with any rashes or irritations. I was giving my peanut a bottle and just new that she would pee all over the place in a matter of minutes if I didn't do something quick. I was getting a little tired of cleaning up pee since she had been chilling in a onesie and no diaper all day to air out a little.

Well a while back we had bought a pack of disposables ( shame on us!) and they are still sitting in her room. I keep looking at them and feel just horrible that I was even considering putting that on my baby ( Yes I am that strongly dedicated to not using disposables) Finally when I could not take it any more and just knew that I could not put her in a disposable and feel right about it I pulled out an old shirt and some hair ties and devised my own "handmade" diaper!

I got my old and very well loved Disney Tigger shirt and WA-LA She had a tigger diaper! lol!

You can kinda see Tigger but he's getting a little worn out being that the shirt is like 14 years old....yes I still have clothes I wore 14 years ago and as you can see they are still good use for something!

So don't worry ladies, if you ever get in a pinch and you just really do not want to put your baby in a disposable go grab an old shirt and some hair ties, or some rubber bands and make your own emergency diaper =)

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